Already a huge success in Europe, the ALL NEW ANTEGRA* high quality sink range has been specifically designed to combine and complement ALL stone and Solid Surface materials.

The ANTEGRA* is such a simple idea, you wonder why it has not been thought of before?

Its unique design allows for an uncomplicated fabrication method completed in the benchtop workshop, to provide a watertight solution that can accommodate the use of associated accessory appliances such as hot/boiling/chilled water tapware and waste disposals.

The ANTEGRA* range consists of “original brushed finish” stainless steel which is a proven performance material in the kitchen, and now with the introduction of PVD finishes in Copper, Gunmetal and Gold Brass, via a simple process that involves the application of a film on the stainless steel surface, creating a lasting and extremely durable finish that is harder than stainless steel and therefore eliminates any possibility of corrosion or tarnishing.

In addition, ANTEGRA* sinks have a protective coating applied to the outer hidden surfaces known as “Insusound®”, which insulates to both help maintain water temperature in the sink, whilst at the same time, also reducing residual noise when using the sink, particularly when a waste disposal is fitted.

ANTEGRA Sink Colour Finishes

The ANTEGRA sink range brings together the benefit of original stainless steel and coloured stainless steel with all types of Stone and Solid Surface materials to create a unique combination of practicality, performance, and sheer magnificent good looks.

Stainless Steel

Gold Brass

Gun Metal


How ANTEGRA Sink Fusion Works..?

The construction of the ANTEGRA* sink, is at first glance, no different to any other undermount sink, with 4 sides and a base manufactured from one piece of stainless steel.

However, on closer inspection, you can see the difference, beginning with the 1.2mm gauge, 304 hospital grade, brushed stainless steel and then follow where the vertical walls begin to meet the sink base, there is a raised 10mm ledge introduced around the sink base perimeter, that extends out from the sink wall either as a 16mm or 26mm projection to accommodate the benchtop material, depending on the thickness of either the stone or acrylic solid surface materials you are choosing to use.

The sink installation itself, is as a straightforward undermount, but by introducing the ledge, this means that the vertical walls of the sink can be clad with stone or acrylic solid surface panels made from the bench top material.

Where the benchtop material extends horizontally over the perimeter edges of the sink, you have two clear finishing options.


OPTION A. Is the simple version where you create a cut-out aperture in the horizontal section, and then polish the edges as you would do with an undermount sink, but allow for the thickness of the vertical panels so that the horizontal section sits above the clad panels allowing for either a flush finish 1. or an overhang of between 2-5mm all the way around the sink aperture 2. & 3.




OPTION B. Considered as the ultimate installation, this is where both horizontal and vertical edges meet as you would a mitre (there are different ways this can be achieved) This results in the most effective and sensational finish and is especially effective when using a veined pattern in either stone or solid surface material as it allows the pattern to flow as pictured below.

The key to achieving a watertight arrangement, is to ensure that adhesive is applied to both the bottom & top edges of the panels to ensure that both edges are watertight i.e. where the vertical & horizontal meet to ensure that there is no water ingression behind the panels (see example diagram below), quite simple really.

Having previously mentioned that the stainless-steel sink brushed finish is a highly efficient and proven material, but consider going to the next level by using one of the PVD colour finishes to create an even more stunning arrangement.

The overall effect of an ANTEGRA* sink installation is where the common or garden sink evolves from being just a utility item, and becomes an integral part of the benchtop furniture. To complete the setting, add an interesting but functional piece of tapware which has the effect of becoming a piece of sculpture mounted on your benchtop.

With the ANTEGRA* sink, you have the latest design masterpiece for your kitchen giving you good looks, performance and functionality all backed with a 75-year sink warranty against manufacturing defect.